Luxembourg public holidays 2018 and listing of school vacations for the school years 2017-2019

  1. Public Holidays
    2018 2019
    New Year Monday, January 1st Tuesday, January 1st
    Easter Monday Monday, April 2nd Monday, April 22nd
    Mayday Tuesday, May 1st Wednesday, May 1st
    Ascension Day Thursday, May 10th Thursday, May 30th
    Whit Monday Monday, May 21st Monday, June 10th
    Grand Duke’s Birthday Saturday, June 23rd Sunday, June 23rd
    Assumption Wednesday, August 15th Thursday, August 15th
    All Saints Thursday, November 1st Friday, November 1st
    Christmas Day Tuesday, December 25th Wednesday, December 25th
    Boxing Day Wednesday, December 26th Thursday, December 26th
  2. School vacations
      School Year 2017-2018 School Year 2018-2019
    Back to school Friday, 15 September 2017 Monday 17 September 2018
    Half Term (All Saints) from Saturday, 28 October

    until Sunday 5 November 2017

    from Saturday 27 October

    until Sunday 4 November 2018

    Christmas from Saturday 16 December 2017

    until Monday 1er January 2018

    from Saturday 22 December 2018

    until Monday 6 January 2019

    Half Term (Carnival) from Saturday 10 February

    until Sunday 18 February 2018

    from Saturday 16 February

    until Sunday 24 February 2019

    Easter from Saturday 31 mars

    until Sunday 15 April 2018

    from Saturday 6 April

    until Sunday 22 April 2019

    Labour Day Tuesday 1er May 2018 Wednesday 1er May 2019
    Ascension Thursday 10 May 2018 Thursday 30 May 2019

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