With an experience of over 20 years in salary administration our multilingual team will take over the daily management of your payroll, as well as giving you advice and assistance in labour, social security and tax law

  • Assistance when hiring your staff:

  • payroll simulations

  • payroll calculation process and establishment of payslips, in accordance to Luxembourg Labour, Tax and Social Security Law, as well as in accordance to any Collective Agreement applicable to your company

  • Declaration of salaries and sickness days to the Social Security Administration (CCSS)

  • Declaration of withholding wage tax to Luxembourg Tax Administration (Administration des Contributions Directes du Luxembourg)

  • Provide advice and assistance in Labour, social security and tax law

  • Décomptes auprès de l’Administration des Contributions Directes, et auprès des organismes de sécurité sociale

  • Assistance lors de procédures conflictuelles avec vos salariés

  • Issuing of annual company and individual salary account statements

  • Declaration of sickness days to Luxembourg Health Care Department